When You Need to Rebrand

Contributed by Elizabeth Shaver

Once a week you stop by Dunkin’ Donuts en route to work to give yourself a well-deserved treat. Today is different though. You cruise up to the front door and notice it’s not “Dunkin’ Donuts” anymore…but instead “Dunkin.” You think, “Why would they drop the “Donuts?” Confused? Don’t worry, they’re still serving your favorite jelly-filled treat. They’re just rebranding!

Companies, both big and small, rebrand all the time. They may choose to rebrand for many reasons including: staying relevant to a new demographic, regaining market share, and differentiating themselves from their competitors, among others. Rebranding can bring clarity and cohesion to a scattered product landscape and it can energize and revitalize what was once out of vogue. All reasons to rebrand have one focus in common: making their brand (and thus product) stronger in the marketplace.

Rebranding is more complicated than just dropping one word of your name, though! Rebranding can be risky, but when it is done correctly (read: with lots of thought, rationale, planning, resources and creativity) it can overhaul your business – in ways big and small. Even though Dunkin’ just removed “Donuts” from their name and redid the logo, there was a well-thought out motivation for doing so, and an equally meticulous plan for implementing the change (to read a summary, see here).

It isn’t just major brands (Apple, McDonald’s, Weight Watchers, Burberry – to name a few) that revamp; smaller/local brands do this too. We often see a business that hasn’t had any focused marketing efforts and they feel like they are floundering. A rebrand doesn’t always mean a name change. Sometimes it means a fresh design palette and website or a business owner sitting down for the first time and crafting the brand story and origins that explains who they are why they do what they do.

Whether you are looking to develop your brand for the first time and create the pieces that make your brand strong and recognizable or whether you are looking to hit the refresh button on what you already have, The Artist Evolution’s team of experienced marketers and designers have helped companies accomplish everything from a logo design change to a full rebrand, and everything in between. Our team will listen to your company’s individual needs and help you design the best plan of action to strengthen your image and reach your targeted goals. When all is said and done, we’ll celebrate your successful rebrand with your favorite treat from Dunkin!