The Anatomy of a Corporate Tweet

Contributed by Ryan Nelson Very recently, a certain comedian had one of her tweets go viral for all the wrong reasons. Without getting into the details, the backlash, and the offensive verbiage, I want to look at one corporation’s response after being pulled into the narrative. A little bit more background before we begin. In the back and forth after the aforementioned tweet went viral, the comedian included in her explanation a mention of being on the drug Ambien at the time. Using the brand name of the drug instead of simply using a generic phrase like “sleeping pill” painted…

Storytelling In Marketing

Contributed by Taylor Burkhalter When I was 3 years old, I tripped and fell onto a glass beer mug and bursted my knee open, severing my patella tendon. I don’t remember any of the big, gory details - the blood, the intense agony, the fear. I remember how big the steps were that my dad took as he ran towards me. I remember both of my parents holding me in the back seat of the suburban and how fast their friend, Paul, drove it to the hospital. I remember my mom staying the night with me in the hospital room.…

Designing a Business Card – Tips and Pitfalls

Designing a Business Card Tips and Pitfalls Contributed by Logan Rhea Even though businesses have had to adapt to the digital age, the staple of a paper business card is hanging steady. If you don’t have a card that you can hand out to prospective partners or clients, a key marketing opportunity might be slipping by. Now — although it’s still recommended that you invest in a designer — the average small business owner can go online and order a custom business card without the help of one. The problem with this method: so many things can go wrong with…

What is the Value of Content Marketing?

Contributed by Alyssa Peiser You’ve probably heard of content marketing. It is one of those “buzzwords” that sounds fancy but is really a very simple idea – one that can have significant impact and results. Below are a few questions about content marketing you might have, along with basic ideas for how to implement in your industry.   What IS content marketing? Content marketing is simply providing and publishing useful content for your audience – for the purpose of generating leads and expanding your reach. It shouldn’t be intimidating! It is really pretty simple. One great thing about content marketing…

5 Essential Steps for Sales Success

Our Sales Manger, Kim, shares her top 5 tips for sales success.



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