Increasing Productivity Without an Extra Cup of Coffee

Contributed by Bryce Ward It’s no secret: American love coffee. Coffee not only helps us shake the morning glaze out of our eyes, it helps us stay productive throughout the day even when we start becoming mentally and/or physically fatigued. Whether you’re a CEO or an intern, the next great novelist or a blog writer, coffee can help you bump up your productivity to the next level. But is it the only way? Medical experts agree that a reasonable amount of caffeine can be beneficial not just for your mental alertness but even for your overall health. However, you can…

Interactive Content

Contributed by Bryce Ward The term “marketing” still brings to many people’s minds things like door-to-door sales, billboard advertisements, and high-school students spinning cardboard arrows in the general direction of some pizza shop, but these traditional marketing strategies have been becoming increasingly less relevant in recent years as companies are stampeding towards digital content marketing. A main reason why: content marketing can be personalized to a degree that traditional marketing cannot always match. For example, instead of hiring a teenager to spin a cardboard sign on the side of a busy road in hopes of attracting a hungry customer on…

Thinking About the Box Differently

Contributed by Bryce Ward Think Outside Away from the Box Whether you’re trying to better market your own company or someone else’s, one thing is certain: marketing relies upon creativity – without creativity, there can be no growth in a company. We are told that some people are inherently more creative-minded than others, and that is true to some extent, but everyone, regardless of their personality type, struggles intermittently with their creative endeavors. Much like the renowned “writer’s block,” efforts to increase creativity suffer from less than ideal approaches. There are a multitude of things we can do that may…

Write Past Your Competition

Contributed by Bryce Ward Despite all the technological advancements in communication, the written word has not only persevered but flourished. In an age where we can call someone and talk face-to-face over a cell phone in a matter of seconds, the old-fashioned written word has not only survived, but flourished. There are practical reasons why written communication is still widely used (e.g., it can be crafted for a large group of people and accessed at their leisure), but the more prominent reason is less apparent: the written word allows you to craft your message as effectively as possible. When you…

Welcome Claire and Madeline!

Welcome to our two new interns, Claire and Madeline! Claire is a Public Relations major with a minor in communications and Madeline is a Journalism major with a concentration in Ad/PR. We are excited to have them both join us this semester!



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