Top 10 Website Trends for 2022

Contributed by Bryce Ward According to a study by the Ecommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers research a product or service online prior to purchasing. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or an ecommerce business, a great website is crucial for winning over consumers and standing out from competitors.  Website best-practices, however, are constantly evolving. Search engine algorithms and consumer behavior change every year, and your website has to adapt too if you want it to be successful.  Below, we are going to cover the top ten website trends for 2022 that every business should be aware of.    1) Mobile…

The Importance of Writing in Marketing

Contributed by Bryce Ward Social media, graphic design, commercials, e-blasts, print ads, branding… When you hear the word “marketing,” these are all things that are likely to pop into your mind. But the one thing that probably won’t pop into your mind (let’s pretend you stumbled onto this blog post without reading the title) is writing. As a copywriter myself—that is, a marketing-specific writer—I would be lying if I said this doesn’t elicit a little bit of concern in me, not because my source of income depends on the recognition of copywriters’ importance (although that may play a small part)…

LinkedIn Messaging: How to Write Messages that Convert

LinkedIn messaging can be an effective tool for building relationships with target audiences outside of your immediate network, but finding the right words to spark those relationships can be difficult.  The future of digital lead generation LinkedIn is a promising and modern alternative to traditional B2B outreach strategies such as cold-calling and in-person visits, especially in light of the social distancing norms which developed in 2020 and will continue to have an impact for years to come. Unlike with these more traditional strategies, individuals on LinkedIn are much more likely to be in a “business mindset” at the time that…

A Marketing Lesson from Red Bull

Red Bull has solidified themselves as masters of marketing. We’re going to look at how they did it so you can implement their strategies into your own marketing.   Coca-Cola is a soda company. Gatorade is a sports drink company. Red Bull is a—lifestyle? Red Bull is a special company because they have outgrown the label of “energy drink.” Sure, at their core Red Bull sells energy drinks. But everything they do in addition to selling energy drinks is what sets them apart from their competition. On average, B2C companies spend around ten percent of their annual revenue on marketing.…

5 Quick Ideas for B2B Growth

Here are 5 succinct ideas that you can implement now for your B2B marketing: Clearly define the outcome that you are wanting. Gain leverage from third party directories. Target your media spend where conversions are highest. Move into video marketing. Test everything. Put these into action today or contact us to implement them for you!
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