Recycling Bins Host Ads Targeting Passersby

Recycling is smart, and the bins are smart too... Renew, a brand of recycling bins in London, has developed a "smart" recycling bin that has the ability to detect passing smartphones' Wi-Fi signals. They could soon be used to display ads that are targeted to specific individuals. The bins can not identify who the actual smartphone owner is, however,  it can determine their route, showing how fast and in what direction they are walking. The bins can also recognize whether the same smartphone owner passes by again the next day, or later that month. It is exciting to see marketing professionals going…

Businesses Plug in to Wireless Phone Chargers

Some businesses are considering installing wireless phone chargers for customer use             How many times have you found yourself out and about, stuck with a low phone battery and no charger? More like how many times a week, right? Just for that reason, cafes, restaurants, and bars such as Starbucks, McDonald's and Delta Sky Club are testing wireless phone-charging stations for their customers to use. Starbucks recently announced that it will roll out Duracell Powermat charging docks at 10 stores in Silicon Valley.  The chargers that have been installed at some Starbucks locations in Boston simply…

Earn extra income by joining Street Team for 2 weeks.

Earn extra income with part time work between August 31st – September 14th Northwest AR company seeking street team members to represent brand in local neighborhoods. Earn between $250 - $500 ($10 hr) working part time around your week day schedule. Qualifications: o         Flexibility to work nights and/or weekends o        Professional appearance o        Must have transportation to and from central meeting location o        Comfortable with learning about & explaining water heater replacement/repair o        Outgoing/ engaging personality o         Excellent customer service skills o         Strong problem solving ability, self-starter and proactive approach to situation o         Strong work ethic o        Always on time…

Glass by Google

   We are excited about the new Google glasses! Check out the video and key features of Glass here: 

Casting for TV Commercial

4 Actors Needed for a commercial shoot on Friday August 2 at 11:00am in Fayetteville (possibly Rogers) Shoot will last about 2-3 hours. Compensation is $50 per actor. 1. & 2. "Customer" One Male and one Female to - to play a married couple. all American look. Homeowners, casual dress. Age 30 something or 40 something. 3. "Hero technician" clean cut, attractive, physically fit, honest, sincere will be wearing a full uniform, ID badge, protective shoe covers, carrying tools 4. "The other guy" follows negative stereotypes of "dirty/ clumsy plumber" sloppy appearance, disheveled, unorganized. rude, abrasive, lazy Commercial is mostly…



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