Wig Out to Defeat Ovarian Cancer

The Artist Evolution is excited to be a sponsor for the Wig Out to Defeat Ovarian Cancer fundraiser. Jo Ann Johnson created this even when her daughter, Kristen J. Madsen lost her brave battle with ovarian cancer in 2009. It is Jo Ann's vision to eradicate this disease and give hope to women everywhere. Held April 12 at Highlands Oncology Group in Rogers, the evening is full of fun including live music and an exciting auction. If you are interested in attending, purchase tickets here: Wig Out Tickets. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest updates…

Innovative Concepts from Trendwatching.com

  Check out these two innovative concepts that have been made into design reality: the Copenhagen Wheel and the Floyd Leg. Originally featured on trendwatching.com, these are just a couple examples of new technology and simple ideas with a big impact. https://www.superpedestrian.com/ http://www.thefloydleg.com/theleg/ We can’t help but be impressed with the genius of these ideas and the ways in which they are really quite revolutionary. Read trendwatching.com/briefing for other concepts like these that are making their mark.  

Major Social Media Platforms

  Ever need a short course on all the different big name social media platforms, and what exactly it is they do? Check out this cool graphic that gives a quick tutorial on the most popular ones: http://image-store.slidesharecdn.com/cd67f540-82af-11e3-b81a-12313d14c88b-large.png.


  The latest trend briefing from Trendwatching. com focuses on a term called “upgradia” in which any device, any object can be upgraded. This concept stems from the digital world’s constant ability to upgrade and it has now seeped over into the physical world. What is driving this trend? Infinite Newism: The expectations of digital upgrades have transferred to physical objects. More for Less: Upgrades satisfy the need/desire for spending less money with less guilt. Hacker Chic: Upgrades are increasingly becoming DIY. Included in the article are several real-world examples, ranging from seemingly simple, to intricate and complex. Read it…

Dumb Starbucks

Is the new "Dumb Starbucks" a smart move? Opened as a sort of Starbucks-satire coffee shop, Dumb Starbucks is legally able to use the Starbucks name (which is trademarked) because of parody law. Part performance art, part coffee shop, folks waited in line for over an hour to get free coffee. Rainn Wilson, who plays "Dwight" on the TV show "The Office" even showed up for some "dumb coffee" and tweeted about it. Read more about the social media sensation here.



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