How Hipster Are Your Favorite Brands?

Everyone has their favorite brands. If your favorite brands are ones that are not mainstream and you feel passionately about them not going mainstream, you may just be a hipster. One South African beer plays against the hipster crowd to promote their limited edition beer. In reality, the company isn’t taking sides and says that what it really cares about is just “good beer.” Wherever you fall on the hipster/non-hipster scale, these ads are pretty funny—and effective.  

The Google Apocalypse is Coming

  The Apocalypse is coming – the Google Apocalypse, that is. Didn’t know such a thing existed? Read our summary of Inc.’s article “How to Survive the Coming Google SEO Apocalypse” below to get up to date on survival tips. Essentially, the most important thing to do is avoid being penalized for bad links and low SEO ratings. 1. Get rid of bad/spam links. Links still have value, but you have to make sure they are clean and not high on Google’s “red flag list.” 2. Have reputable and high value links associated with your profile. Good content attracts good…

What We Really Enjoy About the World Cup

We look forward to the World Cup this summer, but what we really enjoy seeing is all the launch spots, commercials, and ads as leading up to the event. One of the most recent ads from Nike features a plethora of high profile soccer players, in addition to some other notable celebs, and a strong dose of cool effects and good humor. We call it a success!  

The Less Famous Bacon

You don’t always have to be a celebrity to endorse a product. Sometimes you simply need to be related to a celebrity. In this new Oscar Mayer commercial, Kevin Bacon’s brother (The “less famous Bacon”) promotes another, less famous bacon: turkey bacon. It’s a clever spot—it certainly helps that we’re watching someone whose last name is the same as a breakfast food—and you can’t help come away rooting for the guy.  

Storytelling, Marketing, and the OKC Thunder

I can’t say I am much of a dedicated sports fan—I tend to enjoy them the most when it gets to the finals (Super Bowl playoffs, NBA Finals, Olympics, World Cup)—but rarely would I sit down to watch just a regular season game that didn’t have something big at stake. Basketball isn’t one of my favorite sports to watch either (I like it better than golf, but not as much as football, if you want a continuum of my sports preferences) but recently I watched an OKC Thunder game with some friends and kind of got in to it. The…



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