Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials are a pretty big deal. Even if someone doesn’t care about football, they’ll watch just for the entertainment of the commercials because of course they need to be able to discuss them with their friends the next day! So, to give you both a preview and keep you updated, here is a chart that Ad Age created to keep everyone abreast of teasers and provide a summary of the buy, the creative behind the commercial, and who is producing it.

Social Media Marketing Predictions presents predictions for Social Media marketing in 2014. Read about all 8 predictions at We share our favorite 5 here: 1. A New Strategy for Facebook: Marketing on social media will be highly focused in on the customer and providing content that is both useful and interesting. Blogs are a key way to drive traffic. 2. The Return of Paid Advertising and Sponsorship: Marketing companies will no longer be able to use social media as a means of free advertising. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are looking to charge for these services. 3. A Shift in Storytelling: Companies will…

Future Technology

Robots are the technology of the future, and Google and Apple Inc. are making sure they are the leading the way when it comes to innovation and advancement. Liberty Voice published an article on the rise of these major companies. Google is now a major media brand and technology company, acquiring 8 robotics companies in 2013. Apple acquired Primesense, the company that helped develop sensors for Xbox 360, and it is suspected that they will  use that technology to develop artificial intelligence.  Robotics will be increasingly important for tech companies, regardless of the intentions behind their usage. Read the full…

7 Trends to Watch in 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, we look forward to exciting new trends and innovations that will be developed and implemented in 2014. has compiled a list of 7 consumer trends to move forward with in the coming year. Here’s a quick summary of each: 1.The “Guilt Free” Status: sustainable or recycled will be an important denotation for products this coming year. People want to feel good about the things they buy! 2.Crowd-Shaped: with an increasing social media preference, everyone wants to customize their preferences. Crowd-shaping refers to an assembling of preferences to create/influence goods and services. 3.Greener Solutions:…

Thank You, Ron Burgundy

In honor of Anchorman 2 opening this week: Thanks to Ron Burgundy: Durango sales have reportedly increased by 59 percent since the ads began running, and web traffic has jumped 80 percent!  



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