Thinking About the Box Differently

Contributed by Bryce Ward Think Outside Away from the Box Whether you’re trying to better market your own company or someone else’s, one thing is certain: marketing relies upon creativity – without creativity, there can be no growth in a company. We are told that some people are inherently more creative-minded than others, and that is true to some extent, but everyone, regardless of their personality type, struggles intermittently with their creative endeavors. Much like the renowned “writer’s block,” efforts to increase creativity suffer from less than ideal approaches. There are a multitude of things we can do that may…

Write Past Your Competition

Contributed by Bryce Ward Despite all the technological advancements in communication, the written word has not only persevered but flourished. In an age where we can call someone and talk face-to-face over a cell phone in a matter of seconds, the old-fashioned written word has not only survived, but flourished. There are practical reasons why written communication is still widely used (e.g., it can be crafted for a large group of people and accessed at their leisure), but the more prominent reason is less apparent: the written word allows you to craft your message as effectively as possible. When you…

Welcome Claire and Madeline!

Welcome to our two new interns, Claire and Madeline! Claire is a Public Relations major with a minor in communications and Madeline is a Journalism major with a concentration in Ad/PR. We are excited to have them both join us this semester!

When You Need to Rebrand

Contributed by Elizabeth Shaver Once a week you stop by Dunkin’ Donuts en route to work to give yourself a well-deserved treat. Today is different though. You cruise up to the front door and notice it’s not “Dunkin’ Donuts” anymore…but instead “Dunkin.” You think, “Why would they drop the “Donuts?” Confused? Don’t worry, they’re still serving your favorite jelly-filled treat. They’re just rebranding! Companies, both big and small, rebrand all the time. They may choose to rebrand for many reasons including: staying relevant to a new demographic, regaining market share, and differentiating themselves from their competitors, among others. Rebranding can…

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Contributed by: Bryce Ward Social media used to be much simpler – people logged on to watch adorable cat videos and “poke” their friends. This type of content still has a place in social media, today, but as new types of content began to surface and gain popularity, social media became a source for much more than just belly laughs. Now, people log onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for staying up to date with anything from breaking news to the latest fashion trends. And as the type of content shifted from entertainment to information, the people creating the…



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