Will Wallets Be No More In the Near Future? Plastccard Thinks So.

Contributed by Patrick Turner


You get to the checkout line of your local grocery store with the intent to purchase a lengthy list of things. You’ve had them penciled on a sticky note that was slapped on the refrigerator a week ago, and your hectic schedule finally permits you to take a trip to your super market. The only problem is, you forgot your son had borrowed one of your credit cards to buy his books for the upcoming semester, the other you left at home, and you can’t use your business card for personal purchases outside of the company. Sure, you’ve still got your wallet with gift cards and pictures of family members and friends, but that’s not going to help you get your groceries. The new Plastccard hopes to rid of these annoyances.

Plastccard is an all-in-one device that can hold up to 20 personal cards on it. It can be swiped freely according to the owner’s choosing. Many developers have tried to create an all-in-one card that allows you to dictate which personal card you wish to use, but none like Plastc. Last year a company called Coin created a card that could hold up to eight different cards on it. It looked to be the future of the market, but they took too long to develop it fully and it is still only available for pre-order. Similar to Apple Pay, Plastc has EMV capabilities and NFC technology (where this technology is headed). It will be a more “secure chip-based card reader, rather than magnetic strips.”

There’s no need to worry about there being too much information on one card, thanks to the built-in security features. Plastc has a Pin lock and must be synched to a smart phone of some sort. That way you can be alerted when you and the card are apart or you have misplaced it. The card automatically enters “Return Me,” mode after the card has been away for a set amount of time, and all data stored is deleted until it has been returned to you. If the card is misplaced as a whole, there is a feature to wipe away all remote data.