Why Videos are so Popular

People still love proof of any promotion and a picture is always better than any cleverly worded advertisement. A video inspires trust, as well as sells a product or service. The popularity of the video spiraled to where it is today because they pass on the message with little effort.

More and more people access the Net through their smart phones and they do this in the off-time, when they do not want to read landing pages or advertisements. Videos – if cleverly put together – can provide much needed recreation, relaxation, and at the same time provide critical information about any product or service. This is confirmed by statistics that say 70% of the top 100 search listings are for videos; and videos increase click-through rates by as much as 41%.

Another irrefutable measurement is that YouTube – with 4 billion views per day in January 2012 – is the second largest search engine in the world, after only Google. A study conducted by Forbes showed that as many as 65% of business executives visited a vendor’s site solely for a view of their video.

According to studies carried out by Cisco, as much as 90% of all web traffic will come directly through video marketing by the end of 2013.  By the end of 2014, the number of mobile phone users will exceed those who use laptops and desktops. Mobile traffic will increase by as much as 16 times by the end of 2016.

Yes. Videos are Popular, but why is that so?

They are popular for many, many reasons a few of which are described briefly below:

  1. Easy To Load – It is the era of the tablet and smart phone, which makes it insanely easy to load and watch a video, just about anywhere. Most people love seeing video ads because they offer information along with recreation.
  2. Says A Lot, Effortlessly – A two-minute video can evoke emotion, which is not always the case with a text ad, no matter how well written and designed. A video is proof, candy to the eyes, and most people feel convinced about the merits of the product after they see the video.
  3. Saves Time – Most people have no time or patience to go through any detailed text advertisement. A video is a fast visual ad that passes on all of the pertinent information with the least amount of inconvenience–just a two-minute ad and you can get the whole picture – no pun intended.