What Your Account Manager Does

Team work. New product researching. Startup crew

Contributed by Alyssa Peiser
In the marketing world – agency, marketing, account manager, account executive – they can all mean 10 different things. So we’d like to break it down for you – what it all means in the context our space – and ultimately, what it means for you, the client.

We call ourselves the “anti-agency.” The quarterbacks. Heavy-lifters. So, on any given day, to be an account manager means wearing any number of hats. We coordinate your creative brainstorms and negotiate media placement, but we also drop off pizza lunches and help serve food at your Grand Opening. We convey your ideas to design and programming, then make sure you approve of everything before we get it live or printed. We research the best print partners for your flyers, the quickest and best sign company who will install for your building, we storyboard your video concept (and we’ll film it too) and we take your calls and answer emails in a timely fashion (aka, within 24 hours, but usually sooner). Without fail we execute your social media campaigns, provide updates and we always keep an energetic and creative eye towards the next thing we can do to delight. We can wow with a presentation our whole team contributed to build, and that same group will be your street team when you have an event or need to spread the word.
In short, your AM executes your campaign and is your go-to. We work hard and we play hard – and both aspects drive your campaigns and the creative juice behind them. As your personal quarterback, we call the plays and we see it through. As the heavy-lifter, we do the nitty-gritty, the work nobody else wants to do. And as your “anti-agency” – we always have fun doing it and bring you in on the adventure!