We’re watching for Google Chromecast

What Will Google Chromecast Mean For Traditional Advertising Strategies?


Google has made web streaming to TV astoundingly simple and remote control-free! You can search and discover video content on your mobile device or laptop. All Chromecast does is stream media from the cloud. As far as looks go, it’s no bigger than a flash drive. The best part? It’s only $35 and comes with three free months of Netflix.

What does all of this have to do with advertising? Considering Chromecast only costs the consumer $35, it is evident Google is aiming to make money off of more than just hardware sales. It is a great way for Google to profit as it expands their ad revenue strategy. Google Chromecast serves as a new variable for valuable marketing data. With 89 million mobile shoppers and 88 percent of U.S. consumers using smartphones and tablets while viewing television, this seems like the perfect way for marketers to reach their target audiences. Chromecast provides a path for Google to gather extensive data about what people are streaming, and when, to sell video advertising to advertisers.

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