Vandalism or Good Marketing?

Snickers took to the streets to bring attention to the mistakes people make when they are hungry. Snickers sent a team of scouts out to the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn to find urban examples of mistakes, such as a door with a sign saying “enter here” and also “do not enter. There are several humorous examples– for instance, the handrail that goes down when the stairs go up.  These mistakes had stickers placed on/near them saying “You make mistakes when you’re hungry.” One interesting note to the campaign was that it was called out for being a form of vandalism. This article called Snickers out on the campaign (claiming the agency that made the campaign wasn’t themselves because they were hungry) for the vandalism. Snickers claimed the stickers were only up long enough to snap the photo and were easily peeled off. Either way, Snickers got a pretty good ROI by all the exposure.