Use Google+ Hashtags for More Exposure

 Contributed by Meagan Jamison


Using Google+ hashtags lets other people outside your circle discover content to increase overall reach. Google+ hashtags explores a topic rather than only discovering the content that uses that specific hashtag. Google+ auto-selects hashtags and trending topics that are related to the one that you enter to display on your news feed in addition to the one you initially searched. This lets users find connections between the search and related topics and subjects. Interactions that pop up on your home stream might not be people you are directly connected with but people or organizations that you have things in common with, for example a mutual hashtag or friend.

Companies can take advantage of the Google+ hashtags by looking at what others are searching relating to the topic then using both in your future updates, broadening your audience. Google+ also generates hashtags for you. If you manually type in a hashtag that isn’t popular, Google+ automatically adds more hashtags.

To find popular hashtags to expand your reach, Google+ has an Explore section where you can explore the most popular and recently used hashtags. To add to the list, Google+ also has a suggestion function when you start typing anything after the # Google+ will give you some suggested hashtags. By realizing what others are hashtagging, the most popular hashtags, and connecting with people other than friends, you can expand your reach in ways you couldn’t have done before.