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Consumers now have more options then ever. While being more open-minded, they are much more focused on time and are becoming more and more demanding.  With the number of urban consumers rising there is now a higher crave for the exciting experiences that modern-hyper cities offer. This group of consumers wants to feel empowered and they expect the best.  One of the needs of this type of consumer is to enjoy your product/service as quickly as possible.  Consumers now feel like it is difficult to find time to relax within their busy days.

To accommodate to this type of consumer focus your brand on catering to the needs and desires of your customers. Here is how:

Show that your brand “gets it”

One way to connect with this group is to show that you understand. Address their busy lifestyles and show how your brand is helping.

Focus your product

With the many options that your customers now have, focus your product/service directly on your customer. Become a servant to your customer, focusing on their needs. Cater your strategy to your customers in a way that empowers them and makes them feel important.

Focus your advertising

This group is more proud and connected, focusing more on trying a product out first. Focus your advertising efforts on gaining referrals, and social media word or mouth. Engage in the conversation and use posting strategies that will encourage sharing. See our post on Increasing Facebook Engagement, which talks about posting shareable content.

Provide Excitement

Because this group is searching for the excitement that the modern-hyper cities offer, find ways to simulate this same excitement. Have quick competitions or giveaways on social media, or use exciting city related graphics.

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen

(Source: TrendWatching)