Trending Innovations to Watch


If you are looking for inspiration in your business of big-trend innovations, look no further. compiled a list from across the globe and across a broad spectrum of industries. A few from their list:

  1. BFF Timeout. McDonalds and Coca-Cola joined forces in the Philippines with an app that rewards users for not using their phone. Innovation? Challenging attitudes about mobile use and the way it affects marketing.
  2. Fox Portugal. The station partnered with a blood bank institute to offer rewards related to the then-upcoming release of The Walking Dead Season 4 for people who donated blood.  Innovation? Essentially demanding a service from the consumer (for a good cause).
  3. Delta. An in-flight program called Innovation Class that allows for mentoring by field-leaders. Innovation? Combining function (flying around the world) with improvement (mentors sharing their knowledge).

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