Top 5 Facebook Campaigns

Running a Facebook campaign is a great way to increase your fan base as well as involvement on your page. The toughest decision is deciding what type of Facebook campaign will work effectively for your fan base. For inspiration I have created a list of 5 VERY effective Facebook campaigns.

1. Kohls

Kohls created a scholarship promotion called Kohl’s Cares Scholarship Program. To enter the contest they asked Facebook fans to share an inspiring story about a child who is making a difference. That child then had the opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship. All top winners were chosen through the number of Facebook likes their stories received. Through this campaign Kohl’s gave away 10 million to various schools who had the most votes. By the end of the campaign, Kohl’s Facebook fan base grew to over one million fans.

(Found from JeffBullas)

2. Kirklands

Redpepper designed Kirkland’s CaChing Promotion encouraging likes for the chance to win the money in the cash register. Every time there was a new Facebook like, one dime was donated into the cash register. At the end of the campaign one fan got to walk away with all of the money in the cash register. There was also a shopping game paired with this campaign, where fans who participated were entered to win products every day. The number of days a fan played the shopping game contributed to coupons. These coupons would get better depending on the number of days participated, and they were to be used in the Kirklands stores.  This promotion gathered 203,604 new likes in just 28 days!

(Campaign created by Redpepper)

3. Volkswagen

Volkswagen created a Fanwagen application on Facebook. Through this application, Facebook fans could choose which Classic Volkswagen they prefer. Volkswagen then would go on to make a special edition of the winning vehicle with features contributed by social media and raffle this vehicle off to one lucky Facebook fan who voted. Through this campaign Volkswagen became the most liked Dutch car brand on Facebook. More importantly, fans started engaging and talking about Volkswagen on Facebook and through many other social media outlets.

(Found from awwwards)

4. Commonwealth Bank

The “Community Seeds” campaign was created to bring light to the work that Commonwealth Bank was doing in the community. The campaign showcased 6 causes that did not typically receive much corporate support. Among these 6 causes Facebook fans were asked to “like” whichever cause they felt deserved their vote most. For every vote, one dollar was donated on that fan’s behalf. Upon each fan’s vote, they were given a virtual seed. This seed would grow when that fan shared with friends and engaged friends to vote for their cause as well. Fans encouraged their friends to get involved, who encouraged their friends to get involved. Fans could also track their influence, by seeing how many of their friends had liked their chosen cause. Commonwealth bank received 82% Facebook fan growth from this campaign. There was no need for people to like the page to participate, but 86% of voters chose to like the page.

(Campaign created by Imagination, and found on the Facebook Studio)

5. Skittles

Skittles wanted to create a campaign that would increase fan engagement on AND offline. In doing this, they created “Mob the Rainbow.” Four mini campaigns were then created. “Valentine the Rainbow” encouraged fans to send Valentines to a person who does not receive much love throughout the year. 43,000 fans sent Valentine cards to a parking meter maid. Next, “Poll the Rainbow” began. Skittles asked what they should do next, and fans replied with the idea of a gifting tree. Within 24 hours Skittles filled the space below a real tree with Skittles! People stopped to enjoy the gift of Skittles throughout the day. Next, “Scholarship the Rainbow” engaged 100,000 fans to award one lucky fan with a bowling scholarship. The campaign ended with “Crash the Rainbow.” This involved crashing an 85 year olds birthday party.

All of these mini campaigns were well documented with photos and videos, and were shared back on Facebook so participating fans could see the results. Throughout the campaign the Skittles Facebook fan base grew by 5.5 million fans.

(Campaign created by: The Evolution Bureau,  found from: The Facebook Studio)

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen