The Relevancy of AI for Your Business

Contributed by Bryce Ward

Despite constant advancements in artificial intelligence, many people still scoff at the relevance of AI. For consumers, such a view is of little consequence; but for business owners and innovators, neglecting AI could mean being left in the dust by more forward-thinking competitors.

Domino’s is a prime example of how successful companies are already beginning to implement AI technology into their everyday operations. In Australia and New Zealand, Domino’s has begun debuting an AI pizza scanner called “the DOM.” The scanner, which hangs above the cutting board in a Domino’s kitchen, will be able to identify pizza type, topping type, distribution of toppings, crust type, and pizza temperature to ensure that the prepared pizza meets their quality standard. The technology arose as a response to complaints from Domino’s customers that the pizza they receive is not always as advertised (a complaint that could easily be extended to products of all industries). The success of this technology has yet to be seen, but the only way it could fail is if the AI is not yet up to par – and it’s only a matter of time before it finally catches up. Chances are, pizza scanners will be hanging from Domino’s restaurants across the United States in the foreseeable future, prompting their competitors in the pizza industry to make a move.

Domino’s has been at the forefront of ambitious innovations since their drastic rebrand in 2009. Some of their ideas may have been a little too ambitious (I have yet to see a drone flying around my neighborhood with pizza suspended from it) but this most recent attempt at improving the quality of their product has serious potential. The real question is: How can Domino’s utilization of AI be emulated by other businesses? Not just pizza companies? Domino’s had an issue (consistent quality control) that AI was especially equipped to resolve, but this application of AI only scratches the surface of its potential.

How might AI help your business run more smoothly? If you can answer that, you’re already ahead of the curve.