The Re-branding Effort


Taking a once famous brand and updating it to reach the next generation takes work. Pizza Hut is attempting to rebrand themselves in such a way that makes them once again appealing (Adweek reminds us that, once upon a time, Pizza Hut restaurants had lines to be seated). Their rebranding efforts come mostly in the form of a new commercial showing old Italian ladies disparaging the new pizzas, but it also includes a new menu, new sauces and crusts, and a new logo. According to their marketing VP, these are the biggest changes in 56 years. In today’s pizza world, options range from frozen to gourmet (“artisanal”) and Pizza Hut is making the effort to stay relevant – the challenge of any marketing and branding team. It remains to be seen if such an overhaul is successful.

You can check out their evolving log here: