The Re-branding effort

Last week, Instagram redid their logo and look for the first time – and there was no small amount of backlash against the (effectively) rebranding. Why change a logo and look that is so iconic and recognizable? “Modernization” was the key point in Instagram’s lengthy explanation – so long and detailed in fact that many felt it undermined the change, to have to justify it so staunchly. The logo is hardly recognizable – the brand recognition is no longer there.
Take another change – Budweiser’s beer can that replaces the word “Budweiser” with “America.” As opposed to an overall change in brand, to be fair, this is a temporary change – starting this summer and extending through the November elections. All the reasoning behind the change plays into the ethos of America and freedom – not as an extended reasoning for why they did it. The reasoning itself is fairly obvious and speaks to the strength of the brand – that it can take it’s name off the product and it still be recognizable.
Both rebranding efforts, whether long or short term, have their defenders and criticizers. It does call to mind the importance of a brand’s strength and the proper thought process and execution of rebranding. Whether you are looking to develop your brand for the first time or looking to make some tweaks and changes to your current one, The Artist Evolution offers the marketing help you need to make it a success.