The Pokemon Craze

Portrait Of Dental Nurse In Dentists Surgery
The Pokemon craze has taken the world by storm, with over 50 million downloads – and everyone is cashing in on it, from major brands and companies, to mom and pop stores and small businesses. All marketing forces are converging on this new trend, and whether it turns out to be a fad or not remains to be seen.
From Google and Apple to restaurants, dental offices and banks – Pokemon Go is being utilized as a means to engage customers and drive traffic. With more users than Twitter, higher engagement than Facebook and more downloads than Tinder, this app is poised to bring in a lot of revenue for those who can get in on the action.
One way we have helped our clients get on board with Pokemon Go is to create fun memes to post on social media – it doesn’t require being a PokeStop or a Gym, it just requires a little creativity on our part and we’ve seen great responses from them so far! Check out some examples below.
Whether you want to keep it simple and have some fun with office memes or explore digital options for advertising and setting up Lures — The Artist Evolution is here to help handle your marketing needs and keep you on top of trends and ways to engage with your audience.