The Celebrity Factor

Being a celebrity means you can lend your name to a variety of projects and automatically up the cool factor, the consumption of, and the success of what ever product or cause you are backing. Sometimes, the success of celebrity (typically in the form of a person, but also the success of a tv show or product placement) can launch what was once no-name venture into the throes of the spotlight or at the very least, increased sales.
One such example of celebrity is Mark Wahlberg and his family’s venture, “Wahlburgers,” a hamburger chain with multiple locations across the US and soon to be expanding internationally. Not only do they run several of the gourmet burger restaurants, but they have a reality tv show, also titled Wahlburgers. Mark Wahlberg has devled into reality tv and restaurants, not as a last ditch effort to revamp his career; rather, it is because of his succes that he is expanding his resume.
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