Pick Up Your Camera!

Contributed by: Taylor Burkhalter

Is your company producing video content for your social media channels? No? Then your content probably sucks, fam. People stopped reading things in 2015.



Touché, …

Arrested Development TV Show is Back

Arrested Development is back! ….on Netflix anyway. And we’ve enjoyed the brilliant marketing mix for the relaunch campaign that utilizes traditional advertising, social media, and non traditional venues – including

Why Videos are so Popular

People still love proof of any promotion and a picture is always better than any cleverly worded advertisement. A video inspires trust, as well as sells a product or service. … Read More >>

What is Pinterest?

We’re certain you or someone you know is on Pinterest, but do you know how it’s used? Take a look at this video to understand Pinterest in 90 seconds.

Seth’s Marketing Sins

Marketing expert, Seth Godin, explains common mistakes small businesses make when trying to market their product or service. Are you guilty of any of these?


Video Shoot with Dr. Jordan Cooper

We love our clients. Check out this card Dr. Cooper and his staff gave us, and you’ll understand part of the reason why.

Video Shoot with Dr. Jordan Cooper

We’re excited to show you one of our finished projects from the Cooper Family Dentistry video shoot. Take a look at Dr. Cooper’s practice overview!


Video shoot for Dr. Randolph Lais

We enjoyed this video shoot with Dr. Randolph Lais, his staff, and several satisfied patients who shared their testimonials.