Internet Fame: Behind the Scenes Look

Internet Fame

To: Mom

From: Taylor

Christmas Eve 2017 started off like any other day…with my mom insisting we take yet another picture. We all might as well wear go-pros … Read More >>

How to Make a Sale on Social Media

Do you know who you’re really reaching? According to, there are 5 steps to making a sale through social media. Take a look at this article to learn … Read More >>

If a Dog Can Tweet, So Can You!

Meet Bremi Redman. Bremi is a 2 year old English Golden Retriever. She is a very relaxed, sweet family dog who enjoys eating anything and everything. Bremi loves playing any … Read More >>

The Best Times to Tweet

Use Tweriod to discover the best times to tweet for your business. This simply follows the time of day that you and your followers tweet. This program then generates the … Read More >>

NEW- Twitter Header Images

Twitter now has the option to have a header photo, similar to Facebook’s cover photo. To upload a header photo to twitter: select edit profile, then select design from the … Read More >>

Twitter and your Customers

Is your business on Twitter yet? If so, how often do you respond to tweets?

According to a recent survey of 2049 Twitter users completed by Twitter Q&A search service … Read More >>

Value of Social Media for your business

We love sharing this video  about the value of Social Media for driving traffic to your business: