Traditional TV Advertising Vs. Streaming

Contributed by Bryce Ward

TV advertisements have long been a staple of marketing campaigns for both small and large companies, but with the ever-evolving digital landscape it is important to … Read More >>

We’re watching for Google Chromecast

What Will Google Chromecast Mean For Traditional Advertising Strategies?


Google has made web streaming to TV astoundingly simple and remote control-free! You can search and discover video content on … Read More >>

PSA for Sun Safety Month

We frequently write commercials and PSAs for both radio and television. Listen to one we wrote last month using the link below.

Highlands Sun Safety Month

Casting 4 actors for tv commercial airing on July 1st (Northwest AR)

NWA Casting Call:
We are currently casting actors for a tv commercial that will shoot next week and begins airing on 40/29 (NWA and River Valley markets) on July 1st.… Read More >>