Internet Fame: Behind the Scenes Look

Internet Fame

To: Mom

From: Taylor

Christmas Eve 2017 started off like any other day…with my mom insisting we take yet another picture. We all might as well wear go-pros … Read More >>

I Went To A Bar And Ordered A Hat

old man eat ice cream

Contributed by Taylor Burkhalter

Perhaps, good afternoon,

I can’t be sure.

Regardless, let’s talk about brands. What are some of your favorite brands? Why are they your favorite? No … Read More >>

Taylor’s Work Anniversary!


We celebrated Taylor’s 1-year anniversary as part of the TAE team! We celebrated with a team Tacos4Life lunch and a Herman’s gift card for Taylor. We took a minute to Read More >>

PSA: Proper Selling is Important

Contributed by Taylor Burkhalter

Hello. If you came here for an article about selling, let me introduce you to my first point about the importance of proper spelling. I … Read More >>

Welcome Taylor!


Taylor is our new Brand Outreach Coordinator! He is a 2015 Graduate from The Walton College of Business at The University of Arkansas. He has a degree in Marketing and Read More >>