New Sauce Line Coming to a Store near You!

We are getting hungry just posting this- check out the new product line we developed for client – coming soon to a grocery stores near you!

New Ad in AR Razorback’s Basketball Program

Ad coming out in AR Razorback’s Basketball Program this Fall for Sports Talk – The High School Show (presented by the makers of Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly)


New Client Spotlight

Visit the new Greenspot Website

An excerpt from Greenspot’s Blog:

We’re on a quest to green our lives and our business.  We’re not green activists who grew up in the … Read More >>

The Artist Evolution Featured in Dental Entrepreneur Magazine


The 2010 Spring Issue of Dental Entrepreneur Magazine is hot off the press…and we are excited to have our ad and company profile included in another issue.  Dental Entrepreneur Magazine … Read More >>

A Philosophy of Business and Life

Contributed by Derek Champagne

Over the past several weeks I  have working with our client, Dr. Randolph L. Lais,  to organize a presentation that he will be sharing at … Read More >>

Top 3 Famous April Fool’s Day Pranks

Contributed by Derek Champagne

As I conducted my usual early morning “wake up” ritual of  sipping  coffee, checking/responding to business emails, and taking a quick run through Facebook and Twitter … Read More >>