Marketing Myths You Might be Believing

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Contributed by Alyssa Peiser 

In the world of marketing, it can be easy to get lost and follow a trend or put your focus on one thing instead of taking … Read More >>

Don’t Worry, This Isn’t Another Tide Ad….

Contributed by Ryan Nelson

Well the big game has come and gone and with it were a brand new batch of commercials. Often these spots are over-the-top, big budget, big … Read More >>

Internet Fame: Behind the Scenes Look

Internet Fame

To: Mom

From: Taylor

Christmas Eve 2017 started off like any other day…with my mom insisting we take yet another picture. We all might as well wear go-pros … Read More >>

Psychology of Color

Contributed by Logan Rhea

A Basic Understanding for Business and Marketing

The study of colors and how they affect us, individually and/or as a group, is something some people base Read More >>

The Importance of Listing Distribution

Having your business listed and properly indexed on major data sites is key to crucial to your website performing the way you want.

Listing Distribution submits business listings to all

Nail Your Brand

Granola muesli bars
What’s a brand to do when they need to start over? How do you do it successfully? To take an iconic look or message and refresh or redo is no

Christmas Party!

15370067_10154745953269035_6285016761789844723_oWe enjoyed our annual Christmas party at Mermaids – always a fun time of food, friends and our annual gift card exchange!

Good Humor for the Heat

chocolate icelolly
It’s summer, it’s hot, and there is nothing more iconic than ice cream as a way to beat the heat and have a treat (see what we did there?) The

Brand Battle

Basketball going through the hoop at a sports arena
This week, the NBA finals are underway and while the battle to determine the ultimate winner between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers is just getting underway, there

Summer Olympics Motivation

The Summer Olympics are coming up later this summer – and while the ads and spots are not in full swing yet, we can imagine they will start ramping up.