Your Customers Are Listening, Just Not To You

professional microphone

Contributed by Ryan Nelson

What if I told you there is a way to get your message delivered directly to ideal customers straight from the world wide web, through a … Read More >>

The Unlimited Athlete

Group of athletes with gold medals looking happy
The Rio Olympics are underway and despite controversy and unfolding drama, the athleticism and determination being displayed are extraordinary (as one would expect from Olympic level athletes!) Nike’s new spot

Some Hefty Humor

Close up pile of black garbage bags
Trash bags aren’t exactly a glamorous sell. However, that is no reason to shy away from humor and a celebrity spokesperson. Following in the tradition of most commercials these days

Enjoy the Chase

iStock_000078956873_Large You might not think of all the heavy lifting and grueling workouts that go into being a golfer, but Pro Rory McIlroy shows us day after day the pace and … Read More >>

The Celebrity Factor

Being a celebrity means you can lend your name to a variety of projects and automatically up the cool factor, the consumption of, and the success of what ever product

Help Support the NWA Food Bank!

TAE Can Drive FB graphic

Help support the NWA Food Bank this holiday season and drop off your donation at our office!

Domino’s Christmas Greeting

Working with client Brent Medders, owner of Domino’s across NWA and around the State, on a Christmas greeting and recruiting TV spot at KNWA. Domino’s has great part time job Read More >>

Sports Talk On Location Design

Watch for Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly enjoying their new On Location set design. We enjoyed creating this design!
sports talk set up


Benchmark Group Branding



We have enjoyed working with Benchmark Group on several Tradeshow materials as well as helping launch their new website and brand. See their full website here:



 …

Beat the Afternoon Slump


Everyone knows an afternoon slump can cause a decrease in efficiency and productivity around the office. lists just a few unique ways to pickup the mood and keep the … Read More >>