The “Write” Approach to Marketing

Contributed by Bryce Ward

It’s probably been a while since you’ve last written an academic essay, and if you’re like most people, this doesn’t bring you much distress. Ironically, though, … Read More >>

Humor – One of the most Powerful Marketing Tools

People love to laugh. In fact, there is no better binder or powerful attraction factor than humor in the whole world. Marketers who have used humor in their campaigns have … Read More >>

Why Strategic Marketing Campaigns?

The business and advertising landscape looks very different than it did even a decade ago, and is almost unrecognizable from the days when television, print, and radio dominated. Last decade … Read More >>

Seth’s Marketing Sins

Marketing expert, Seth Godin, explains common mistakes small businesses make when trying to market their product or service. Are you guilty of any of these?


News Coverage for new client MVP

MVP (Maximum Vision Performance) has the most technologically advanced sports vision training program used in all athletics today and has been shown to produce dramatic results. Athletes who have worked … Read More >>