Celebrating Ella Jane’s 1-year with TAE!

IMG_0132We are celebrating Ella Jane’s 1-year anniversary as part of the TAE team! (She loves succulents so we got her one from Garden Living as a gift!) We took a

The Unlimited Athlete

Group of athletes with gold medals looking happy
The Rio Olympics are underway and despite controversy and unfolding drama, the athleticism and determination being displayed are extraordinary (as one would expect from Olympic level athletes!) Nike’s new spot

The Shiny Snapchat

Thrive_Snapchat Filter_Block St Party
“Snapchat is a shiny object right now” said one marketer. For marketing, this is particularly true. 14 companies have purchased Snapchat lenses in a little over a month. And while

Welcome Kayla!


We are excited to welcome Kayla to our team as our marketing assistant! Kayla is a senior at the U of A, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. When she’s Read More >>

Media Mingle at our New Office!

Yesterday, The Artist Evolution hosted a “Media Mingle” for our local media reps and vendors in our new office space. We enjoyed awesome food and drinks, ping pong and talking … Read More >>

Purchasing through Facebook

Purchasing items via Facebook may soon be just as easy as liking your favorite band page or a friend’s photo. Facebook recently added payment features to its Messenger app – … Read More >>

Simple Ads can be Beautiful Too

Ads for the simple, mundane things in life can be beautiful too. Wieden + Kennedy recently created an ad for dishwasher soap that somehow manages to be beautiful and profound … Read More >>

Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials tend to be a huge topic of conversation when it comes to marketing – they are a major demographic both in terms of consumption and for the innovation and … Read More >>

Sometimes, Humor is the Appropriate Response

Sometimes, humor is the best approach.

This past weekend, SNL created a mock American Express ad (with host Chris Hemsworth in the featured spot), and instead of ignoring or disregarding … Read More >>

Are Any Original Ideas Left?

How do you keep creativity and innovation alive in your business? It is a common refrain that nothing is original – “there is nothing new under the sun.” But although … Read More >>