Clever Marketing – Smart vs. Unsavory

Clever marketing can sometimes push boundaries – that is what makes it memorable and the most likely to see a return. How far is too far? When is the line … Read More >>

The Importance of Social Media Campaigns

Contributed by Jessi Cadle:
Running social media campaigns takes work – but the benefits of having your brand visible and promoted can be well worth the effort. Social Media Examiner

The Importance of Email Marketing

Contributed by Kayla Eiffert

Email communication is an important aspect of overall marketing and advertising. Like any craft, this type of marketing means learning new skills and staying relevant to … Read More >>

Top Advertisers at Oscars

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday? The Academy Awards, much like other major television events, is a prime time for brands to push their relevancy through social media and … Read More >>

How to Improve Your Facebook Contest

Contributed by Jessi Cadle:

Holding a contest on Facebook is one way to effectively reach a wide range of potential customers and also engage current ones. There are several ways Read More >>

The Artist Evolution Sponsors Local Wig Out to Defeat Ovarian Cancer Event


The Artist Evolution is proud to be one of the sponsors of the upcoming Pig Out for Wig Out to Defeat Ovarian Cancer benefit. BOOM KINETIC will be playing, there … Read More >>

What Makes an Advertisement Great

What makes an advertisement great? What sets it apart from all the other noise and clutter we are see every single day across several mediums? AdAge set out to determine … Read More >>

Our Favorite Office Buzz Words This Year

As the year wraps up, we wanted to share some of our favorite phrases and creative words that have been “buzz words” in our office this year. We recommend using … Read More >>

Top 10 Youtube Videos


Here is another Top 10 list – the 10 most watched videos on YouTube. With both the Olympics and the World Cup occurring this year, it’s no surprise that … Read More >>

Artist Evolution Founder as Guest Brand-Expert Judge at UofA


The Artist Evolution founder, Derek Champagne, will be a guest brand-expert judge at the University of Arkansas today to critique and give feedback to year-end Creative Strategy and Execution project Read More >>