Benchmark Group Branding



We have enjoyed working with Benchmark Group on several Tradeshow materials as well as helping launch their new website and brand. See their full website here:



 …

New Chambers Bank Billboard

If you are driving along I-49 in Northwest AR – you should be able to see this new billboard we made for Chambers Bank!


Round Animals Roll Through this Ad

What if all animals were round and had trouble carrying out the everyday tasks of their lives? It may not seem like a likely starting point for a gluten-free bread … Read More >>

KFC Brings the Colonel Back

KFC has brought the Colonel back. Celebrating their 75th anniversary, the fast food restaurant’s engaged comedic actor Darrell Hammond (of SNL fame) to bring a slightly eccentric humor to … Read More >>

Jason Sudeikis Takes Direction

In this fun spot from AT&T and the Tribeca Film Festival, Jason Sudeikis is suddenly directed by tourists wanting a quick photo with him. It interestingly points out the rising … Read More >>

Kevin Durant Teams up with Sonic for Summer Spots

Sonic is moving a new direction from their “Two Guys” ads and adding a little star power via Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant. What are already popular commercials are now … Read More >>

Sometimes, Humor is the Appropriate Response

Sometimes, humor is the best approach.

This past weekend, SNL created a mock American Express ad (with host Chris Hemsworth in the featured spot), and instead of ignoring or disregarding … Read More >>

Our Favorite Office Buzz Words This Year

As the year wraps up, we wanted to share some of our favorite phrases and creative words that have been “buzz words” in our office this year. We recommend using … Read More >>

Minimalism Makes Strides in a Bell and Whistles World


With today’s mobile apps becoming more flashy and sophisticated, one news-app out of Japan is looking to compete using a very simplistic design. SmartNews, created by Ken Suzuki and … Read More >>

The Cost of Social Media Marketing


Facebook marketing takes time and effort and these days it costs money too. But do you know just how much money it can cost to put significant content into … Read More >>