The “Combophoto”

It can be fun to create simply for the joy of making something original and beautiful. These “Combophotos” are no exception – they combine 2 ordinary objects into unlikely pairings … Read More >>

New Sports Talk with Bo Commercial!

We enjoy working with Sports Talk with Bo and are excited about his recent move over to ESPN’s Hog Sports Radio 99.5 FM and 1290 AM ESPN in Northwest AR. … Read More >>

Welcome Lori!

We would like to welcome Lori Storrs as the newest member of our TAE team! With over 11 years in the radio industry, Lori is the Sales Manager for our Read More >>

Open Floor Plans vs. The Cubicle

The open-floor office plan is somewhat controversial – is there enough privacy, do coworkers get annoyed with one another, who decides what music to listen to—and what if someone’s food … Read More >>

Round Animals Roll Through this Ad

What if all animals were round and had trouble carrying out the everyday tasks of their lives? It may not seem like a likely starting point for a gluten-free bread … Read More >>

The Importance of Vacation

We are fast approaching summer – and that can mean taking a vacation. In our current work culture, it can be hard to take a break – with technology at … Read More >>

Media Mingle at our New Office!

Yesterday, The Artist Evolution hosted a “Media Mingle” for our local media reps and vendors in our new office space. We enjoyed awesome food and drinks, ping pong and talking … Read More >>


Viewability is a curious and divisive topic. If your ads have 100% viewability, that is good, right – you have achieved something? Not necessarily. What really matters is that your … Read More >>

Cleverly Promoting Your Brand

If a brand makes a misstep, consumers are typically quick to criticize and voice their opinions. Take for instance Bud Light’s recent “Removing No from your Vocabulary” campaign … Read More >>

Jason Sudeikis Takes Direction

In this fun spot from AT&T and the Tribeca Film Festival, Jason Sudeikis is suddenly directed by tourists wanting a quick photo with him. It interestingly points out the rising … Read More >>