Super Bowl Ads Upon Us

American football.

The 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl is mere days away, and as usual the anticipation over the commercials has begun. Commercials are routinely teased and often released early – and in the age of the internet, those eagerly awaited commercials will already have thousands of views and likes. In addition to the anticipation, huge sums of money and bids for approval are also part of the Super Bowl commercial routine. There seem to be as many ads that poke fun at the threshold to be a Super Bowl ad (think Newcastle), but nobody is complaining as it simply ups the amount of clever and witty spots produced this time of year. To get an overview of Super Bowl commercial/ad related news, see below:

1. Want a quick history of Super Bowl marketing and popular ads that have made their mark on pop culture? Watch here:

2. These 10 ads are the front runners for most popular/most touted/most anticipated. You really won’t want to miss these:

3. As the article notes, this year the NFL is focusing more lightheartedly on domestic happiness (in contrast to focusing on the domestic violence causing it great woe last year). This one ad is both a tribute to that lightheartedness and a fun way of celebrating the Super Bowl:

4. In the same vein as #3, one of the primary themes you will see in Super Bowl advertising is a focus on things more witty and fun. Lighter seems to be the trend – read about 5 overall trends that are emerging: