Storytelling, Marketing, and the OKC Thunder

I can’t say I am much of a dedicated sports fan—I tend to enjoy them the most when it gets to the finals (Super Bowl playoffs, NBA Finals, Olympics, World Cup)—but rarely would I sit down to watch just a regular season game that didn’t have something big at stake. Basketball isn’t one of my favorite sports to watch either (I like it better than golf, but not as much as football, if you want a continuum of my sports preferences) but recently I watched an OKC Thunder game with some friends and kind of got in to it. The following week, Kevin Durant won the MVP award, and on a whim I watched his acceptance speech. I was blown away—I told people you probably should have cried, or at least thought about it. It was that good. (If you need proof: And now, I am a dedicated Thunder fan because I am invested in the team based off of just one of their stellar players.


Similarly, that is what marketing is all about—making a meaningful connection that leads to investment, and ultimately, ongoing brand loyalty. If I am selling a product or a service and you can relate to my product’s story, or believe in the merit of my service because it is relevant to you, then you will become a dedicated fan of my brand. In a lot of ways, marketing is story-telling aimed at making those meaningful connections.  So what is your story? Your service? And how can we help you grow your following, and ultimately your bottom line? If you haven’t already—check out our Services Page that details all the ways we can help you develop your brand and get people invested.

Contributed by Alyssa Peiser