Staying Connected with Consumers

Nearly every business, no matter size or type, has been negatively affected by the isolated measures of COVID-19 in one way or another—that much is certain. Thankfully, many businesses have found creative ways to pivot their products and services to keep their doors open and workers employed—the creativity of the restaurant industry, in particular, stands out. But unfortunately, not all businesses have been so lucky.

The most detrimental aspect of the COVID-19 precautions has undoubtedly been the newfound distance placed between businesses and consumers—a necessary precaution, to be sure, but detrimental, nonetheless. In response, businesses have been working tirelessly to minimize the effects of this distance, employing everything from tele-communication alternatives to entirely new products and services.

Finding unique ways to reach consumers is not anything new for businesses—in fact, that is much of what business has always consisted of—but the tools with which they now have to work are limited and far from perfect.

As a marketing agency, our mission has always been to place businesses first and help them excel wherever possible, so we set out to create new tools, ones which can help businesses weather this storm and come out the other side stronger than ever.

The first step we took was creating an online community where Northwest Arkansas residents and businesses could join arms (metaphorically, of course) and stay connected in spite of profound isolation. That online community is called NWAisOpen, a public Facebook page that spotlights local businesses and celebrates openness, in all facets of the word. If you have not visited the page yet, check it out and click the follow button! Over 1,800 people have already joined.

The second step we took was creating an online community specifically for Northwest Arkansas businesses looking to collaborate with one another and overcome the current obstacles together. If you own a small business in the Northwest Arkansas region, we strongly recommend that you join! You can send in your request here.

And lastly, for businesses who have been struggling to adapt to the increasing digitization of business, we have created affordable digital marketing solutions that can give your business the online presence it deserves. Learn more here.

Creating strong relationships with consumers via social media, email, and other digital mediums was important to the success of businesses before COVID-19, but now, with isolation becoming an unavoidable part of life and technology becoming even more prevalent, it is more important than ever.


Contributed by Bryce Ward