Snapbots and Customer Satisfaction

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Snapchat’s latest venture in engagement is coming through “Bot Landings” – vending type machines that drop into town for a day and leave the next. These “Snapbots” do in fact sell something – Spectacles, which is more or less a bright, hip version of Google Glasses that allows the wearer to record “memories” and then be synced with a Snapchat device. Spectacles are, of course, put out by Snap Inc., the same company that owns Snapchat.
Snap-chat is a decidedly millennial endeavor – and the latest Spectacles are as well. The goal of Snap Inc. (per their website) is to “improve the way people live and communicate.” This is truly the goal of any product, of any marketing effort. How can the service/product/X we offer make a difference – an improvement – in your life, in your business, in your interactions? It is an important question to ask, whether you are creating your brand, working to retain clients, or selling.
Here at TAE, we are constantly asking ourselves this question – how to engage the client, how to delight them, how to give a clear picture for expectations and then do everything we can to exceed them. We truly believe in a comprehensive, holistic approach that makes you as cool and effective as Snapchat. Our goal, both WITH our clients and FOR our clients is to answer these questions in such a way that all parties are communicating and engaging happily and, of course, to do it in fun, cutting edges ways.