Shake Things Up

Fried chicken in big red white stripes bucket box
You might not think that having an ever-changing spokesperson could pay off for your brand – who do the consumers identify with? Who is showing loyalty to the brand? Is constant change for such a big role wise?
KFC, perhaps surprisingly, has pulled this off, nearly flawlessly. The “revolving door” of celebrity spokespeople – each playing a different, humorous version of the Colonel, has kept audiences engaged, particularly millennials. And, most importantly, it has boosted sales.
Sometimes, it pays to go against the norm – more than just switching it up with a brand change or new celebrity backing, this keeps the consumer guessing and anticipating the next entertaining person to step up and lend their talent and skills to promoting the brand. Millennials like the change and it keeps them coming back for more.
Thinking outside the box can pay off – if done well – and shaking things up is always fun!