Recycling Bins Host Ads Targeting Passersby

Recycling is smart, and the bins are smart too…

Renew, a brand of recycling bins in London, has developed a “smart” recycling bin that has the ability to detect passing smartphones’ Wi-Fi signals. They could soon be used to display ads that are targeted to specific individuals. The bins can not identify who the actual smartphone owner is, however,  it can determine their route, showing how fast and in what direction they are walking. The bins can also recognize whether the same smartphone owner passes by again the next day, or later that month. It is exciting to see marketing professionals going above and beyond finding new ways to reach their target markets.

As technology continues to progress, marketers have increasing ability to more effectively target consumers in a more personal / personalized approach, recognizing their preferences, frequencies, buying patterns, and more. This allows us to be most effective with using advertising dollars to reach the right person with the right message, at the right time.