Pick Up Your Camera!

Contributed by: Taylor Burkhalter

Is your company producing video content for your social media channels? No? Then your content probably sucks, fam. People stopped reading things in 2015.



Touché, Don.

I reckon it’s time I step up my vlog game.

Look, we are pathetic. Our average attention span is 8 seconds, and it’s getting worse. Simple text isn’t going to keep your audience interested, so you need to step it up. The way people consume content has shifted to “hand-fed mode.” They aren’t going to work for it, so it’s your job to feed them.

The trick is to share your content in a format that enables your viewers to consume said content while participating in at least two other activities. Kyle can’t read an article while he plays Xbox Live and drinks Mountain Dew, but he CAN play Xbox and get his Dew on while he listens to a podcast.


You’re doing great, Kyle.

Videos can communicate things that text alone cannot. They add another dimension to your brand and allow you to showcase your personality; not to mention they perform better in comparison to your text and picture posts. Videos generate a much larger reach and often higher engagement on Facebook.

Don’t overthink it. Pick up your camera and start building your video content arsenal. A good place to start is with Instagram stories. If you run out of your own content to share, you can always borrow user-generated content. Repurposing user-generated content is a great way to connect with your fans and spur conversation.

When you boil it down, branding is really just storytelling. Brands that are best at telling a story are going to come out on top – And stories are way easier to tell in a video, so figure out what story you are trying to tell and let that camera roll.