Our Reputation Management Service

Reputation Management shows you what people are saying about your business, improves your visibility in local search and provides progress reports.

There are five main components to Reputation Management:
1. Listings
2. Reviews
3. Mentions
4. Social
5. Competition

Listings: Show you how accurate your online listings are, as well as which ones are missing so you can fix them and rank higher in local search. Did you know that the first Google result gets 53% of clicks, while the second receives only 15%? 
Reviews: Monitor, respond to and generate reviews. How? Solicit feedback from customers, both online and in-store, control which reviews go public and spread positive reviews throughout social media.

Mentions: Find out what’s being said online in places you wouldn’t expect (like blogs and news articles) and instantly know whether the commentary is positive or negative.

Social: Are you aware of the effectiveness of your social engagement? Monitor social activity, view social statistics and set up social accounts. 

Competition: Compare how frequently your business is mentioned versus your competitors and track social activity to benchmark the competition’s growth on multiple platforms.