Our Favorite Office Buzz Words This Year

As the year wraps up, we wanted to share some of our favorite phrases and creative words that have been “buzz words” in our office this year. We recommend using them – some might seem old-fashioned or uncommon, but by using them you can set yourself apart as memorable and cool (you’re using words no one else does!) More than just being buzz-words, they are ideas and actions that shape the way we run our business and serve our clientele.

  1. Delight. Example: “What are some new marketing strategies we can present the client that will delight them?” It really means going above and beyond for the client – one of our greatest goals – to not just perform well and deliver, but give our clients that extra touch that shows we are engaged and ready to give them the best service
  2.  Ping-pong. While we do have a ping-pong table at our office and believe in a lively game, this has an entirely different meaning. Example: “We don’t want to ping-pong projects with these vendors, or the campaign will never move forward in time!” The opposite of ping-ponging is initiative. We can go back and forth for months if we don’t decide to step up and find creative solutions for getting the job done.  Projects and tasks can go on-end if we let them become a constant back and forth. As execution specialists, we gladly take the initiative to make sure all moving parts of each client’s campaign go forward in a timely manner.
  3. Action world. This is the world we live in! Our goals are always to assess what we can do to move items forward for our clients. It’s more than just an action item list, it’s the mentality of always pushing projects through for our clients and when that’s done, creatively evaluating what we can do next. Example: “Let’s move these tasks into the action world asap!”
  4. Rock star. This one doesn’t have a special meaning – we just love using it! Whether it is being a “rock star designer” or “rocking the meeting” we both like to empower our team to be the best and cheer each other on when we are doing an exceptional job.