New Technology Captures Distracted TV Viewers by Syncing Ads to Phones

During TV commercial breaks for your favorite show – do you check your cell phone? If so, you are not alone. TV viewers are becoming increasingly distracted during commercial breaks and creating a ritual of checking their phones instead. This is frustrating for advertisers who already face increasing distractions as consumers now have hundreds of programming options to choose from: DVR, smart phones, and numerous other distractions.

Our agency is always watching for new technology and solutions to cut through the clutter and engage the client’s message/offering to make a meaningful connection with the target customer. A new company, Xaxis, is trying to solve one problem (consumers checking phones on commercial breaks) by introducing “Sync,” a device that places the same ads being shown on the TV screen on to the watcher’s tablet or phone as well. Sync makes a calculated guess as to what the household is watching when their client’s commercials are running to try and time it correctly. While it isn’t a perfect system, one major benefit is the way in which it reinforces TV ads and allows for consumers to immediately click through (which obviously you can’t with a TV commercial!).

Watch this video learn more about how it works:

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