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We’re on a quest to green our lives and our business.  We’re not green activists who grew up in the early days of the movement.  We’re ordinary people like you – deeply concerned about the planet’s future, seeking to do the right thing, sifting vendors’ claims about what’s really environmentally friendly and what’s green-washed.  And we intend to make a difference – a big one.

We’re GreenSpot Global , a green real estate and services company.  What that means is we know green buildings inside and out – both residential and commercial.  Our team brings 20 years’ experience in corporate America and in writing about green building, design and living.  We know how to make your buildings safe, comfortable, less expensive to operate and easier on the planet.

Our goals are lofty.  And I mean, suck-your-breath-in-between-your-teeth BIG – zero emissions and zero waste streams in all buildings, products and services.  ZERO.  There are a number of ways to accomplish this, including super-insulating the shell, incorporating passive architectural features, fine-tuning or replacing building systems, recycling waste and water and using renewable energy.  We offer them all.

Here’s what you can expect from us.  At GreenSpot, we’re on top of news, legislation and financial incentives about the business of green, especially real estate.  We’ll keep you in the loop.

Mining the Internet to find information about greening and energy efficiency can feel like tunneling through a mountain with a teaspoon.  So we’ve created the “Research & Resources” page of our Web site to function like a super green index.  We don’t intend it to be comprehensive but instead a “best-in-show.”  Visit it often when you need information about anything green.  And if you know of good Internet sites we’ve missed, let us know – we’d love to include them.

So much news about the state of the environment is dire.  While we never want to diminish the gravity of that, you can always come to us for positive stories and ways to make a difference.

If you’re concerned about the polar bear, or simply focused on making your buildings run.

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