Negative Keyword Phrases for Dentists

Are you a dentist running Google or Bing paid traffic? These clicks for dentists in pay per click can be expensive. This is especially true if your budget is small. it is absolutely crucial to use negative keyword phrases. These phrases tell the platforms not to show your ad for those specific queries that you are excluding.  This pulls out cost that comes from user queries that are not really looking for you. 

One such query type for negative screening are the queries that are looking for a specific known dentist name or location. Using negatives such as blvd, street, corner of, dds etc. can help eliminate the people that are just looking for a specific phone number. Also, ‘phone number for’ is an excellent negative keyword phrase. 

Other search queries can be people just poking around by not near making a commitment. If your budget is especially low you may want to exclude: 

how much does, cost of, price, cost for implants, root canal cost, etc. 

Make sure to  exclude salary, employment, training, course, job, intern, resume, hiring, etc. Keep a close eye on your query report. Watch your query report  and pull out unwanted queries by adding negative key phrases. This will create a constant improvement in your return on advertising spend.