Nail Your Brand

Granola muesli bars
What’s a brand to do when they need to start over? How do you do it successfully? To take an iconic look or message and refresh or redo is no small feat and can be murky waters through which to work. A recent, and excellent example of this, is the brand Kind. Their packaging is invariably recognizable to you – if only because the clear packaging gives a clear (literally) look at the nut and fruit-studded bar inside.
When Kind recently debuted a “Pressed” line of bars (think a mixture of mashed fruits – almost like a cold-pressed juice, in bar form) – they had to rethink the packaging, both because the contents of the bar weren’t particularly appealing to look at and in order to protect the bar (aka, not melting in the sun – which clear packaging would make easier). Instead of losing the integrity of the kind of bar Kind produces, the new bar packaging enhances the brand’s bright colors and healthy aspect. The creative team behind the new packaging took the beauty of the fruit from which it was created and duplicated those eye-catching colors in the wrapping.
Branding in general can be a tricky thing – how to properly “nail” an entire businesses concept in a logo or a tagline – or any kind of packaging. We know the importance a brand can hold, and how especially in rebranding and making updates the importance lies in cohesion and continuity. Whether you are starting a business and need a brand built from scratch, or you need it updated to reflect your current energy, contact us!