Mobile Marketing – Can you Survive without It?

Cell phones are now in every person’s hand. In 2009 there were 4.7 billion mobile phone users, which grew to 5.4 billion in 2010 and 6 billion in 2011. The number represents more than 80% of the world population. In the United States alone, 45% of American adults use smart phones. Out of these 51% use their smart phones to get information, in general, and as many as 71% will immediately refer to their smart phone when they want any information regarding a recent advertisement, television commercial, or just about any local business.

The numbers are growing. More and more people use their smart phones exclusively for Internet access, social media networking, emailing, and shopping.  Can you afford to ignore this emerging new media for marketing?

Mobile Marketing is the Future

Smart phones are popular for many reasons, but the factor most important for a marketer is its mobility. Even the lightest laptop or notebook is still not as comfortable as the smart phone. Tablets are great, too, and they are now coming with calling capabilities. However, they are clumsier than cell phones and not easy to protect from prying eyes. Phones are private, fast, convenient, and super-connected. Additionally, the prices are falling drastically as the features are increasing. Hence, the smart phone’s use is expected to grow significantly over the next few years – and this is great news for any online marketer.

The smart phone user is more accessible and more responsive than the Net user. If you compare email marketing results with smart phone marketing results, you will find that the mobile phone users are significantly more responsive than those using email. About one in every three people who receives an offer on his mobile phone will respond. This is a huge shift.

How can You Make the Most of this Technology Revolution?

No business will survive without an active marketing campaign aimed at smart phone users. Are you ready to embrace this new avenue? To promote your business exponentially? To join the smart phone campaign?

Great! You need to have a mobile website, an opt-in list, and a marketing campaign that is geared toward users of smart mobile phones. Whatever the size of your business, you cannot ignore this medium any longer. You have to join the ranks of the mobile marketers if you want to promote your business to your target audience in the best possible way known today.