Marketing Material Update for Luxury Brand

A manufacturer of high-end sliding glass window and door systems had a new product and needed help refining logos, designing a brochure, and creating packaging. TAE worked closely with Chief Outsider and company CEO to quickly learn about their brand vision and product line.

The team decided that the print brochure design should be based on high-end, modern European competitors’ brochures. The TAE team was able to combine new product photos, CAD renderings, elegant imagery, and copy into an updated, eye-catching print and digital booklet brochure. The new brochure used popular existing products to set the stage for the new product reveal. The final design was approved as an elegantly designed update on previous product brochures.

In the process, TAE refined the client’s existing main logo and new product logo. TAE also created a telescoping video slider that combined both traditional printed packaging and digital design. The slider package housed a small screen that played a digital version of the newly created brochure. TAE also designed a corrugated packaging mailer box to complement and contain updated designs.

Through innovative design, technology, and working closely with the client and Chief Outsiders, TAE was able to accurately develop and present the client’s vision. A beautifully printed brochure booklet, refined logos, and video packaging materials were created and project goals were successfully achieved.