LinkedIn Outreach


Entrepreneur and Founder/President of 14 successful Mastermind groups wanted to expand his reach and awareness to business owners, CEOs, and leaders but didn’t have adequate time or resources.


Our Role:

As part of a broad scope marketing playbook, TAE manages LinkedIn outreach via messages sent and responded to on a weekly basis.

TAE’s Solution:

  • Crafted messaging written in the client’s voice to a specific demographic determined through client discovery meetings.
  • Different iterations of messaging developed and used depending on broader client goals, current campaigns and optimal response data.
  • Messaging sent on a weekly basis from the client’s account.
  • Follow up messaging and quality control of messaging.


TAE’s Results:

  • Over the course of 8 months, over 1,600 individuals and institutions contacted with personal messaging and a timely follow up.
  • Messaging has served as a targeted lead generation and opened conversations for partnership opportunities.