Increase your Facebook Engagement

Post Shareable Content.

One way to increase your Facebook engagement is to post content that your fans will want to share with their networks. Post creative, inspiring, and funny content to easily do this. One option for creating your own content is to use pinwords. ( This site can easily help you add words to any photograph. The site is set up to be very user friendly and you can have a custom shareable graphic in no time!

Another option is to share other people’s creative, inspiring, and funny content. Find brands that post shareable content and share their content to your page. Here is an example of a creative, inspiring image that Starbucks shared:


Ask Questions.

Another way to increase engagement is to ask your fans a question. Use creative graphics to go along with questions. Here is an example of Starbucks asking a question alongside a creative graphic:

Subway created a series of questions, asking fans if they could spot the avocado in images. This series of questions created a consistent game feel on their page.

Fancy Feast uses fill in the blanks to increase fan engagement.


Another good idea is to post a picture and ask your fans to name the caption. Here is an example from National Geographic:


Also, use incentives to encourage fans to answer questions. An example of this could be ask your fans to guess the score of a football game that is soon to happen. The first person to get the closest answer could win a prize!

Engage back with your Community

Once you finalize and submit your post, don’t quit on your engagement. This is an opportunity to comment back. This will encourage conversation and make your page feel more welcoming. Make your presence aware to viewers on your page to build your Facebook “tribe”. Be consistent and engage often with you community to create a lovable brand.

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen