Contributed by Taylor Burkhalter

Last year, Instagram introduced the “Swipe Up” feature in IG Stories, which has been a large success among content creators and brands, making it easier to link content to outside platforms like YouTube or company websites. The social media giant continues to evolve and roll out cool new features that are keeping users engaged with the platform.

About a month ago, Instagram introduced IGTV, a platform designed for users who want to share long form video content. The update allows for easy video streaming and opens new doors for creators and brands alike. The platform is actually offered as a separate app but can be accessed through the Instagram app, as well.

No longer are users limited to 60 seconds either. The update allows videos up to 10 minutes in length, or 60 minutes if you have a large enough following. Instagram reportedly has plans to increase that time for all users in the future.

Part of the IGTV vision is to be more like actual TV. Instead of searching for specific videos like you might on YouTube, when you open IGTV, videos immediately begin playing; however, a search feature still remains. Viewers have the option to sort through IGTV videos based on people they are “following” or videos that are most popular at the moment. You can like, share and comment on the videos just like you would a normal video post.

The addition of IGTV will make it easier for brands and creators to share their long form content without having to condense it to fit the parameters of Instagram’s 60 second limit (or 15 seconds for stories). It will be exciting to see how the addition of IGTV is received by the Instagram community and how it evolves over time.

Personally, I’m a fan. I have enjoyed watching extended versions of videos from the musicians I follow, as well as updates from Trevor Noah on @thedailyshow. What are your thoughts on IGTV? Will you use it?